Patch - MC50th ZENTA Chenille

  • $20.00

Are you ready to testify?  

The golden arms of Zenta are gonna reach out among every single one of you, and embrace you...

Brother J.C. talked of ZENTA and the people came together.

True fans of the Five will know about Zenta.  It was on the Zenta New Year in 1968 (Halloween weekend to the rest of us) that the band recorded the Kick Out The Jams album at Detroit’s Grande Ballroom.

Celebrate 50 years in style and show the world how weird you can get with this large and legit, chenille 7" x 3.5" patch. Sew it on your favorite bag or send it to your favorite revolutionary at college.

It's super cool and a perfect compliment to our beloved White Panther patch. Show the world you're totally committed to dropping some cash on the revolution and get em both!